Hotel Chain "K-Vizit" in St. Petersburg
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Gym at the K-Vizit hotel


The K-Vizit hotel welcomes everyone who loves healthy lifestyle to visit our modern gym equipped with cardio and weight machines.


PER VIZIT Subscription (any number of visit)
month month  6 month
450 руб. 2000 rub. 5000 rub. 8000 rub.


  • 2000 RUR - per month pass (free training)

The month pass price includes the cost of Turkish and Finnish saunas.



A few words about equipment in our gym:
We have the equipment of two types – weight and aerobic, also known as cardio.
Weight machines are focused on training muscles while cardio machines are aimed to improve general body condition, cardiovascular system and the metabolic process.

Weight training exercises allow to strengthen the muscles and aerobic exercises help to burn excess fat. The combination of these two types of training brings the best results, promoting efficient weight loss, helping to strengthen cardiovascular and respiratory systems and improving the problem areas. The experts say that 60% of training time should be centered at the aerobic exercises and 40% on weight ones.

If it is your first visit it is especially important to tailor your own individual program with your personal trainer. Our personnel is always ready to help you!


You're our guest and we'll do our best!

Chistayakovskaya str. 2
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