Hotel Chain "K-Vizit" in St. Petersburg
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Dear guests, the hotel "K-Vizit" in St. Petersburg invites you to visit its restaurants, where you can not only have breakfast or lunch, but also celebrate a birthday, a wedding, a banquet, a prom or a children's party!


Restaurants and banquet halls are held ready to open the front doors at any moment.


  • Reataurant "Mirror hall"

"Mirror hall" is a restaurant with a sufficient democratic atmosphere. It’s menu combines oriental and European cuisine. The dishes providing by our Chef will definitely answer your taste - "Russian fun" out of three sorts of meat up to your choice, shashlyk on the charcoal suited to every fancy and many other things.
Wine list features a wide selection of wines and strong drinks, with a distinct focus on beer from Germany and the Czech Republic for true beer connoisseurs. The restaurant is open day and night and seats up to 45 people.



  • Banquet hall "Kolomyazhsky Gardens"

Banquet hall "Kolomyazhsky Gardens", though not one of the wonders of the world, like the gardens of Babylon, but it certainly can claim to be a miracle! It is a beautiful banquet hall for corporate events, weddings and fashion parties. Silence and fresh air in the city - a rarity for a city.


Banquet hall "Kolomyazhsky Gardens" has a separate entrance, is decorated by frescoes with images of St. Petersburg. Seating capacity up to 100 persons in banquet style seating and up to 150 in the organization of reception. "Kolomyazhsky Gardens" - a banquet hall for those who appreciate the comfort of the city combined with the serenity of a country holiday.


Hall rental - RUB 1500 per hour to 23.00; RUB 3000 per hour after 23.00



  • Hall "Venice"

Hall "Venice" is suitable for banquets and various celebrations, as well as for conferences, presentations and master classes. It’s in the fourth building on the second floor of the hotel complex "K-Vizit" and can comfortably seat  100/200 guests inside.


Hall rental - RUB 1500/3000 per hour to 23.00; RUB 3000/6000 per hour after 23.00


  • Banquet hall "Red Hall"

A cozy restaurant with motley cuisine is a great place for weddings, proms, anniversaries and children's parties . It’s menu duplicates the menu of "Mirror Hall". The restaurant is in the first building of the hotel complex "K- Vizit" and seats up to 80 people.





You are our guest, we give you comfort!

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